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Solve marketing challenges with solutions tailored for your organization and built to deliver lasting change.

Turning Strategic Vision

into Lasting Performance

The need for financial institutions to grow and adapt has never been greater. How well you address evolving business models and regulations, pressures on fees and costs, and the competitive push for scale will dictate the degree to which you survive or thrive.


By taking the time to analyze your business and your readiness to meet these challenges, our team can help you defy industry norms and put in place strategies that work specifically for your organization.


We draw upon extensive industry experience across functional areas to help financial institutions like yours use innovation and creativity to solve marketing operational challenges, meet ever changing market demands with agility, and build stable foundations for lasting change and sustainable growth.

Strategic Planning

Marketing strategy is about knowing your organization’s strengths and understanding how to best leverage them to achieve and consistently maintain high levels of performance. It’s about establishing plans that provide clear direction across an organization. And, most of all, it’s about solving critical business challenges.


Whether those challenges are related to growth, product innovation, marketing efficiencies or profitability, Quantum works with financial services companies to conduct thorough, fact-based analyses and develop actionable strategic plans that generate value and help organizations succeed.


Leveraging deep industry knowledge, our team can help you:

  • Define your vision, mission and business goals 

  • Establish and implement impactful marketing plans

  • Analyze and better understand key performance drivers

  • Identify and build new channels and sources of revenue

  • Enhance marketing operational performance

  • Conduct market and competitive analysis

  • Develop marketing organization structures 

Product Management & Development


Clients needs and market conditions change. We help companies capitalize on these changes and create opportunities for growth through expansions into new channels and markets, the development of new differentiated offerings, and by using disruption to increase penetration in existing markets.


Whether you’re launching a new product or expanding into a new market, having the right plan in place is critical to succeeding. With extensive experience developing key components like value propositions and positioning, pricing and distribution, and roll-out strategies, we’ll help you make the most of your launches.


When an important initiative is under consideration, you need the best analysis possible to guide decisions and secure resources. Our team can help you build your case by developing financial models and forecasts, assessing costs, risks and benefits, determining operational requirements, and mapping out market landscapes.


Great products and solutions all begin with an idea. Co-creating hand in hand with organizations, we conduct ideation sessions, implement innovation programs and build prototypes that accelerate the path from concept to commercialization and help transform businesses. 


A well-calibrated pricing strategy remains one of the strongest influencers over long term profitability and margin sustainability. We help organizations develop pricing models, programs and competitive benchmarking so that they can consistently strike the right balance between delivering client value and generating profitable growth.


Considering expanding within your current market? Planning to grow abroad? Or looking to launch a net new offering? By leveraging multiple data sources and building custom models, we can assess the size of the total market and your addressable opportunity, gain valuable insights into supply and demand dynamics, and forecast sales volumes and revenues. 

Marketing Operational Excellence


Market pressures continue to demand that organizations do more with less, while also keeping up with rising client expectations and competitive forces. To stay ahead, organizations need to continually focus on the efficiency and productivity of their marketing operations. 

In close collaboration with clients, we help them analyze the current state of their operations, identify gaps and implement programs that not only optimize performance but also build agility and flexibility into their day-to-day activities.

Our marketing operational excellence services include:

•  Client experience reviews & enhancements

•  Process assessments & reengineering

•  Cost management & optimization

•  Continuous improvement programs

•  Marketing operating model changes

•  Performance benchmarking

•  Management dashboard development

Whether you're looking for a specific solution or just have some questions,

we're here to help.

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