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Build sustainable growth with a comprehensive range

of services that spans all marketing channels and media

Solutions that Deliver

Your clients demand relevant, personalized, and valuable interactions across all points of contact. To achieve this in an ever demanding environment, marketing strategies, tools, and channels need to be coordinated as an integrated whole.

At Quantum, we offer a comprehensive range of marketing services across various channels and media. We are passionate marketers who blend creativity with technology to create solutions that push boundaries, accelerate growth, and achieve measurable results.

Integrated Marketing

Connect with Your Clients, Wherever They Are






Different challenges require different solutions, which is why we take an integrated, holistic approach to marketing. Our solutions combine multiple channels to develop strategies that effectively meet your organization’s challenges and build long-term, sustainable growth.

Explore some of the ways we help clients grow their business

Digital Marketing

We’re big believers in the transformational power of technology. We help clients leverage this change with a data-driven approach, collaborating with clients to review, test, and optimize strategies, creating programs that maximize ROI.

Our digital marketing services include:

   •  Web design

     Web development

     Web analytics

     Search engine optimization

     Search engine marketing

     Display advertising

     Paid search 

     PPC strategies

     Google ads

     Email marketing


     Mobile marketing

     Affiliate marketing

     Conversion optimization

Deepen Relationships, Every Step of the Way










Getting your message to potential clients is increasingly difficult in our always-on, communication-heavy world.

Inbound marketing is an approach centered on attracting rather than interrupting. By creating content that interests and educates your target audience, it allows you to demonstrate your expertise, generate interest, and turn strangers and visitors into clients and promoters.

Inbound Marketing

Optimize your ROI with an always-on lead generation and conversion engine, that integrates with your inbound strategy and provides data-driven and rules-based communications.

It's an intelligent autopilot for your marketing, interacting with prospects throughout the buying cycle – growing and converting your pipeline while you focus on your business.

Marketing Automation

Our team has been part of the content and permission-based marketing movement from the start. We provide full-funnel, multi-channel client acquisition programs that generate demand, nurture leads, and drive revenue. Harness the power of content and automation. Drop us a message today to learn more.

  • Account management 

  • Community management 

  • Paid social media advertising

  • Lead generation and conversion

  • Online reputation management

  • Website traffic generation

Social Media

In today’s connected world, social media is a powerful marketing channel, but keeping up isn't easy. We’re here to help.

At Quantum we offer end-to-end services led by top social media influencers, designed specifically for financial services with compliance in mind. 

Below are some of the services we provide. Schedule a chat to discuss further and let's get social! 

  • Strategy and planning

  • Influencer marketing

  • Analytics and reporting

  • Social content creation

  • Social media consulting

  • Followership development

Public Relations

Every company has a story to tell. We’re here to make sure yours is heard. Effective public relations can be one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your company, generate leads, and build credibility that paid media cannot.

We establish our clients as market leaders by leveraging our financial services expertise and media relationships, converting mindshare into market share.

Here are some of our areas of expertise:

     PR plans

     Media and influencer outreach

     Publicity campaigns

     Media alerts and press releases

     Business and product launches

     Coverage and industry monitoring

     Media and press kit development

     Crisis management

     Expert positioning

     Speaking opportunities

     Media analysis

     Promotion of new hires

     Case Studies

     Ghost writing

     SEO integration

     Award submissions

Bringing it all Together

No approach to marketing is complete without the right plan, integration and unified look and feel. Below are some of the other services we provide that help companies bring it all together to grow and strengthen their businesses.

Marketing Planning
We design blueprints for growth that leverage your company’s strengths, maximizing the impact of your marketing. 

Branding and Positioning
Beyond compelling names and logos, we develop company identities that inspire action, convey trust, and invigorate your company’s story.   

Content Development and
Thought Leadership
Whether it’s articles, white papers, eBooks, or videos, our team crafts content that drives traffic, showcases your expertise and converts prospects into clients.

Internet Domain Acquisition
and Management
We’ve acquired and managed hundreds of domains, from branded names to 1-3 character dot-coms, providing secure internet domain solutions.    

Sales Enablement
Support materials, tools, and processes significant impact sales productivity.  We help organizations map sales cycles and implement solutions to drive revenue.

Marketing Audits 
Due to the dynamic nature of marketing, marketing operations can become inefficient fast. An audit can identify the issues preventing you from reaching your goals.

Let's Talk

Whether you're looking for a specific solution or just have some questions,

we're here to help.

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